Provide a comprehensive Christian education

Nurture students in God's word

Develop Christian living

Promote their faith, talent, and skills


The Lutheran School Association was formed by St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer to provide a Christian education for our children and the children of the Evansville community.

The association was formed for the purpose of aiding Christian parents in providing the highest quality Christ-centered education possible by doing the following:


to all who supported

our walk-a-thon

over $17,000


WE are driven by a commitment to the Gospel and focused on a mission of bringing hope and healing to students and their families.


WE are governed by board members who clearly understand their roles and focus on the vision and board policies that effectively govern the operation of the school.


WE continue the process of self evaluation and improvement through the National Lutheran School Accreditation.


WE meet or exceed state and national academic standards at all grade levels.


WE lead students to share Christ and their faith story in an unbelieving world.


WE identify future leaders for our school.


Evansville Lutheran School provides a superior education, guided by Lutheran principles, in an environment of Christian love. Our students are equipped to go forward in life with Christ.

History of Lutheran Education in Evansville

Lutheran education has been an Evansville tradition since 1845 when Pastor J. A. Saupert accepted a call to the German Lutheran Church of Lamasco (today’s Trinity Evansville Lutheran Church on Illinois Street). Pastor Saupert studied at the mission school at NeuendetteIsau, Germany and completed his studies at the Lutheran Seminary at Columbus, Ohio. When he began his work at Trinity, he immediately opened a Lutheran school in his home. The first called teacher from the LCMS, Henry Bewie, came to Evansville in 1859. He served as teacher, cantor, and organist.

The years after the Civil War were a period of growth for Evansville and when the school enrollment reached 170 in the 1870’s, a second teacher was called. At this time, the newest public school buildings were designed for 60 students in each classroom.  In 1889, a number of Trinity members were released from church membership in order to found a new congregation in the eastern suburbs—St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School. In 1895, Trinity built a new, modern school on Illinois St. next to Willard Library. The school doubled in size in 1913. This building was replaced in 1957 by a new building next to the church.

Evansville continued to grow east, and an east side mission was organized which eventually became The Church of Our Redeemer which had its own school.  In 1970, Redeemer and Trinity schools merged. This merger made possible some dramatic changes. Previously there had been two classes per teacher.  With the merger, grades 1-4 had a single teacher for each grade and grades 5-8 were departmentalized. The principal taught a half-time schedule.

In 1971, the Lutheran School Association of Evansville announced a new consolidation which included Redeemer, Trinity and St. Paul’s. Since this time, Evansville Lutheran School has continued to serve its children and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow by equipping them with a superior education guided by Christ.






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